Transformed Vitrify Steel Silo

Number 1 Type of Silo in Quebec

The Advantages

  • The advantage of doing hay silage at the humidity rate of a conventional silo.
  • The advantage of doing silo unloader maintenance yourself, very simply and easily.
  • The advantage of keeping silo sealing at 100%.
  • The advantage of obtaining much better fermentation.
  • The advantage of obtaining better compactness, as well as significantly increasing storage capacity.
  • The advantage of maintaining all enamelled steel silo features.
  • The advantage of doing business with a responsible company that has experience and expertise in this field.

More than 45 structures installed each year since 20 years.

We also transform existing structures on site


Aerodynamic ventilation system (patent pending) to remove gas at the top of the fall.

Breakdown of the fall

Proof finish side of the fall.

Roof ventilation and skylights.

Scale security with door outer platform of service.

Reinforced door and repainted with rust protection.

Door frame made ​​of profiled iron “U” 5 inchs, reinforced for safe and practical step, also coated with rust protection.

Strengthening external support, increase the robustness of the original silo.

Our transformations vitrified steel silo are approved by a Canadian engineering firm.

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